Sunday, September 02, 2018

Innisfree Green Café

Seoul welcomed us with heavy rains and gloomy skies - my kind of weather. But it made navigating through the small streets of Myeongdong challenging. I didn't bring rain-appropriate OOTD's thus leaving the hem of my summer dresses soaking wet. I didn't mind though. No amount of rain and clouds can spoil me and my glutton appetite. After some minutes of shopping and perusing through the rainy Myeongdong, we found Innisfree Green Café which is one of the most highly recommended cafés to try in the area. And I second the motion.

I was overwhelmed by the menu. Not because they offer a lot but because everything looked enticing. I wanted to try the yogurt bowl, the soufflé pancake, the pink lemonade drink, the blueberry healing real juice - everything was calling me to get them. I ended up with the fruits orem toast, original tiramisu, and canola honey latte (which is not a good idea to drink late in the afternoon because insomnia!) - all of which I shared with my mom. I wasn't expecting much from the toast because it looks weird. I decided to get it only for the gram. But alas, my beliefs were shattered. It actually tasted superb! Everything blended so well that I just couldn't get enough. My mom preferred the banana walnut one but I enjoyed the citrus one (grapefruit, orange, and grapes). The tiramisu was also delectable - light and creamy but not too sweet. But I feel it needed more lady fingers. There weren't enough crunch in it. The latté was also good but again, skip if caffeine affects your heart more than To All The Boys I've Loved Before did.

If you are a kdrama fan (ehem!) you might want to try the VR experience which they offer in the café. You can have a tour around Jeju island, where Innisfree's ingredients are sourced, with Lee Min Ho. Fans won't have to miss him too much as he serves his country for the time being. I didn't try it though because other fans were going at it while I was there.

Just a quick side note, I reverted all of my previous posts into draft just because I wanted something new. I was on the verge of starting a new blog but then I thought, this has been my baby for 7 years (what? where did time go?). I can't let go of it just yet - maybe in the future but for now, I will continue with this one. Anyway, I will no longer be posting fashion and beauty posts (or maybe I will?) because they aren't really something I am interested in nowadays. In this stage of my life, the only things I think about are food, travel and shopping (I know but I don't do fashion and beauty, I just wear what I feel comfortable and what I think looks nice. I can't keep up with fashion anymore). I also reverted to using .blogspot as my domain only because I am broke af right now from all the shopping I did in Seoul so I don't have the funds to renew my domain just yet. For your information only...


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